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Review of Epouses A Partager (Wives to Share - 2016)

The cuckold movies spread wildly in the last years. It's a trendy fetish nowadays, and I have to admit, I enjoy the forbidden fruit aspect of it. The Dorcel studio has done its share of this category, so let's see a beautiful piece from them.

The movie starts with Amarna Miller getting on her knees in a nice forest, and gives a beautiful blowjob to a stranger while her husband watches. He plays along pretty well, slaps her face and boobs with his cock, and fucks her face deeply. It's really sexy when she receives his load and looks deep into her husband's eyes.

They go on with it in a room, the guy now fucking her. Even though she just blew him, she starts sucking again, on her all fours now. This position shows off her curves pretty well, so it's a really sexy sight. Further on, she's getting fucked in various positions, with a condom on which makes sense in their relation. The actress's moans and smiles make the whole scene really enjoyable and fun. She munches happily on the huge she receives in the end.

We switch to another couple who organize some train fucking for the wife, Cara. Her husband invites three strangers who visit her in the luxurious bedroom one by one. The directors developed the levels pretty well; the men are dealing with her harder and harder. The whole scene is well-photographed and sexy. Even the cumshots look really sexy and exciting.

Up next, the blonde wife Alix has no choice but to watch in silence as her husband vigorously fucks Jessie in the ass. The way the little bitch looks on the poor wife is really intriguing, and the black thong in the wife's mouth adds an extra level to the scene.

After the cumshot, the two blonde actresses share the cum nicely. I only wonder whether anybody from the street spotted the shooting, from the cars going here and there.

The scene with Alexandra Stein raises the cuckold voyeurism to a whole new level, using a camera and a security monitor. The girl is played around on a thick rug, and is fucked hard by this strong bull. 

After a nice dominant cumshot, the guy leaves and the husband comes out. The way he jerks off on her now feels blatant and week, concentrating only on eye contact. Some harder face fucking would have been sexier at this point, also a larger load on her face.

Amarna Miller and Anna Polina close the movie with a nice swinging scene. The girls start with some lesbian foreplay in the pool, then they all go to the bedroom, and they make love in all the usual positions. Nothing unique or new happens, not even a DP, although Anna Polina is spit roasted by the two gents. Amarna collects the two men's cum an shares it with Anna happily.

Cuckload sex is happiness and fun, at least that's what this movie is suggesting. It's perfect for those couples who are still thinking and talking about involving somebody else in their bedroom.

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Review of L'héritière (Revenge of a Daughter) (2016)

This is a porn movie with a story which is really unique, without the usual porn clichés: after a wealthy businessman dies, his daughter an his dominatrix try to investigate what exactly happened. This is not quite the usual fuck-the-pizza-guy flick. This is why I love to watch Dorcel movies: they handle this dimension with great care. The storyline is relatively well-built for a porn movie, so we get all king of intrique and criminal activities after the death of the wealthy guy. This makes the atmosphere creepy yet sexy.

Nikita Bellucci is back from a long absence and working for one of the highest quality studios, Dorcel. As a mature woman, she plays much better in her scenes than she did in her teen years. Even this role of the domina suits her well. She starts the movie with playing with submissive man, playfully ordering him lick her out and playing with his cock. She has a nice tight body so all the penetration scenes look good. I only wished she released her hair so she would look more lustful. With her hair up, she seems too strict, like a serious school teacher.

We switch into a nice threesome with Lucy Heart and Cara Saint-Germain. I consider Lucy Heart among the best porn talents these years. She does everything desired from her with a dreamy look on her face. Besides, she has the chemistry with everybody she's working with. In this scene, she shows her super oral skills, then she's doing reverse cowgirl and some spooning anal. All of them screaming and moaning perfectly in her role. She looks sexy even only supporting the other girl being fucked: in this scene, Cara, the daughter of the wealthy guy. She plays okay-ish, but nothing memorable.
Right after the threesome, Cara gets to know her father is dead. She starts investigating the murder with the dominatrix' help so they walk around searching for clues where the story leads them.
This is how they arrive into a sex club where we meet the real slut of the movie: Inés Lenvin. We can see her blowing strangers at a glory hole, ski-poling in a sex club, then dominated and fucked real hard. She looks really exciting and slutty with all the black harnesses and the naked, well-built guys around. I've seen her in more innocent scenes, but this whorish role suits her better. Despite of the sluttyness, this is the best componed scene of the whole movie. Basically, it's just a good foursome with Inés getting DPd, but the well chosen details like her black high heels, the red walls and her collar spices it really up. I'm sure this scene alone will be in all kinds of compilations.

In the sex club, Cara jerks a bouncer off. Although it's hot and sexy, it proves to be too short to be really enjoyable. It's more for the plot than the viewer's pleasure.
But when Anissa Kate enters the movie, you'll get your money's worth. This scene is inside a luxury cabin in the woods. Anissa is used as a kind of sex slave here, and they have a wonderful orgy scene with Nikita Bellucci and Anissa is always the trophy MILF, even being spanked and ordered to crawl on her knees to then perform oral, and this is what makes her scenes so tense and lustful. You almost hiss when Nikita slaps her face: how does she dare to do it? Yet, it's so sexy and dirty you wish to be there and join these dirty girls.

While Anissa and Nikita play with each other, Cara handles both guys present. Then the girls seperate and the whole scenes turns into a lustful yet sensual orgy. Again, it's really good to watch, pleasure for the eye. The only ingredient missing is some cum play at the end. After all, the director hired these wonderful (and expensive) actresses and no one does some snow balling or cum swallowing? The guys jerk off on Clara's body, and that's all. Come on directors Herve Bodilis and Pascal Lucas, you are more creative than this!
This scene shows the weakest point of the movie: the relationship between the daughter and the dominatrix doesn't develop anywhere. It would be surreal for them to became friends, but some buddy talk or some deeper story telling would have really added to the story. While Nikita stays in character of the dominatrix with her slapping scenes and playing around with some serious and mysterious looks, Clara basically just walks through the whole movie and fucks or sucks whoever is needed to.

Mina Sauvage is used in a BDSM scene. While the sex is hot, the lights are so week and contrasted it ruined the whole scene for me. Again, no cum play, she just jerks her partner off. Scene, cut. WTF?
The last scene is about the widow, it's a threesome with Sensual Jane. I know, I know: how can someone have such a lame porn name? It really distracts me from the fact that she's a pretty tight cougar delivering her scene with serious professionalism. Okay, nothing too hardcore like a DP here, but she clearly works hard on those cocks she entertains in her scene. In the end, she receives two good loads on her tits which looks really hot on her. Too bad the lights are pretty bad throughout the scene.

At the end of the movie, we find out the mistery and get a relatively happy end, of course.

So if you would like to enjoy a decent porn story with a good plot and some nasty scenes, the Revenge of A Daughter is right for you. Especially if you like the new stars of French porn like Anissa Kate and Lucy Heart. You should try it, it's worthy for that.

You can thank me later.

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Review of "Cougar BDSM 4" (2017)


These ladies in this movie are really fucked. Their partners are man-handling them nicely. There's not a moment for hesitation here, these guys really know what they want.

In the first scene, Eva Long is horny in anticipation. Her partner fondles, gently touches and lightly whips her for a good quarter hour, which is unusually long for a foreplay in porn. Then he finally enters her doggy stye, so she gets a good hard fucking. Next comes some good face fucking in which Eva totally submits to this man. They fuck some more, then Eva receives a nice facial. Everything in this scene is about submission and anticipation a good hard sex.

In the second scene, Mikayla Cox' is whipped nicely all over her body, again adding some nice BDSM feeling. She's whipped being on her knees and spanked hard and it really suits her. I didn't like the colors chosen here, though; the pink whip and nipple clamps don't really harmonize with the snow white room and the black and white lingerie she has on. Some black or purple sex toys would have been better.

Anyways, she's face fucked then fucked in various positions, mostly the usual stuff: doggy, spooning, reverse cowgirl. She receives a nice load on her tits but she's not licking the cock at the end, nor does she play with the cum so it feels like an unfinished scene to me.

I didn't like Rachael Cavalli's scene at all. She seemed somehow bored all along. Her face had hardly shown any reaction to the spanking and whipping. They perform some good old fashioned fucking, mostly the usual stuff, but with the same bored face all along. After the money shot, she licked and sucked the cock some more, but with such a theatrical gesture, it ruined the last moments.

The real star of the last scene was the male actor, Tommy Pistol. He is a straightforward guy, and drives Reagan Foxx through the scene with lustful professionism. We can see him spanking her, whipping her, directing her like a real Dom.

He doesn't spare the cunnilingus neither, alternating between the gentle licking and powerful slapping of Reagan's pussy. You can almost feel her relief when he takes off her handcuffs, even though she receives some deep throating. The eye contact she keeps all along, even through the tea bagging, makes the scene really lustful and hot.

Unfortunately, she doesn't keep her sexy heel heels on for the rest of the scene, but we get a sexy swallowing after the money shot.

Overall: this is really a well designed, good looking light BDSM movie. If you're interested in spicing up your stable relationship with some BDSM, you should definitely try it.

Have fun!

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Review of "La Prisonniere"

The creators of this movie decided on "hey, let's make being imprisoned and being fucked in prison fun. Let's create an erotic movie out of this horrible experience!" And they just did so, with fresh new start of porn business in French lately.

The story starts with getting some criminals into a prison. Somehow, they imprison women and men in the same facility, but hey, it's porn, not a documentary. Cassie Del Isla is a perfect ward, sexy and cocky, even rubber gloves look good on her. She executes a thorough cavity search on Alexis Crystal and Clea Gaultier. Then she switches to fluffing up the ward, who goes on with the anal search on Clea. It's a sexy scene, the actors look good in the industrial environment and uniforms, even the sounds are sexy with the echoes all around.

My favourite was Valentina Nappi. She was really good playing the role of the crazy directness of the prison. And she's in favor of inmate's cum? That's new. She has a nice hardcore scene after her lunch.

As easy Alexis escaped in the first scene, as deep she will be involved in the next one. Ward Cassie finds out about her dildo in her package and decides she will make sure it's not dangerous. Alexis will be even DPd with this dildo which she enjoys very much - again, not a documentary.

Clea Gaultier is getting in trouble because of showing herself off to the inmates. The wards let her do her thing, smiling gently and fucking the wards. It's good to now the overcrowded institutes have abandoned rooms where they can have fun. I know, I know, let's stick to the porn here.

The directness decides she would like to have a gokkun for dinner. Who are we to blame her for that? So she sucks and fucks three criminals just to have her share of cum as dessert. The scene is hot, the sex looks natural. Besides, it's good to see Valentina Nappi playing a full grown-up woman, after her adolescent roles in the past. Being bossy totally suits her, I hope she will get roles like these in the future. She could be a perfect dominatrix, as well.

Of course, we get a twist at the end, Clea Gaultier walking off the prison in disguise, but it doesn't add too much to the story. If you can abstract from the cold and cruel world of prisons, and you take it as a set only, La Prisonniere can be a fun movie to watch. 4/5 for me, definitely.

2018. január 1., hétfő

My Favourite Stories From 2017

2017 was a wonderful year in porn stories, definitely better than 2015 or 2016. BDSM and Loving Wife stories became very popular. There were a lot of stories I really liked, so here are my true favorites, the which I've read multiple times and probably will, too.

Anal Stories 

O Holey Night: Ass, Mouth, Pussy

Anne turns into a real slut with her husband. The anal play is really exciting, the sex is hardcore. Her every orifice mentioned in the title is fucked, in this exact order. Yummy!


DamonX is the best anal writer on the world, that's a fact. Too bad he stopped publishing a few years ago. This is his last one, and it's really sexy in its perverted way. The story is about a young girl inviting a friend with benefits over, to her boyfriend's flat.  They do it everywhere, in the kitchen, bedroom etc. Body fluids are dripping everywhere. Only for 21+!

Group Sex Stories

Pleasure & Business

I discovered the author HeyAll only in 2017.  I started reading all his stories because I really like his raw style, also the situations he describes. This peace is about a hardcore gangbang in a lawyer office. Perfect for the ones who like hard sex in the office.


A funny gangbang story about a magician's assistant.

BDSM Stories

The Invitation

A story about a wild night at a BDSM club. And although the sex is rough and hardcore, it's also funny sometimes. Definitely worth reading for all the starters in BDSM.

Clowning Around

A very funny Valentine's story. I really liked the cop's character. Oh and the anal play.

Alexandra's Gift

A lonely man returns to his old BDSM club after his wife's death. And while he's still mourning, he tries to step ahead and go on with his life. For a start, with a wild night in this club, having wild sex.

As you all can see, the harvest of sex stories was really rich. As a reader, I hope 2018 will be just as sexy as 2017 was. As a writer, I will definitely try to add some to these stories!

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Review of 'Undercover'

I really like the new young stars in French porn. The new Dorcel movie 'Undercover' is good to get to know some of them. Sure, it has a weak action line but believe me, you don't want to watch it because of it.

Let's see the girls! Alexa Tomas is always good, just like now. She's working precisely and lustful in her scene, together with the new girl Apolonia Lapiedra -- their foursome with Megan Rain and a lucky guy is spectacular.

Mina Sauvage is another surprise for me. I've seen her in many Dorcel movies in 2017 and I really like how she's performing, whether blowing a cop in a toilet or being fucked in a cuckold scene at the window. She's natural and gorgeous.

Cessie Del Isla and Rose Valerie also have a wonderful scene together. You imagine having earned (or robbed, in this movie) a ton of money and celebrating it with a foursome just like they do. Both the set and how they play around with each other is really playful and exciting.

The one I'm not satisfied with is Megan Rain. She clearly enjoys starring in an adventure role, likes to stand tall in a motor boat, hold a gun and shout things to others. Don't get me wrong, she looks really good in her black lingerie, high heels, getting pounded in her ass, but I just can't see the lust on her face. It's like she's thinking about what to buy for the weekend from the money she's getting for this scene.

Although 'Undercover' is advertised as a major blockbuster from the Dorcel studio, there are other movies like 'I Offer My Wife To Others' or 'Epouses a Partager' way better than this.

2017. december 10., vasárnap

How To Use Taylor Swift's Reputation for sex


I just have started to listen to Taylor Swift's new album Reputation. Instead of writing a conventional review about the songs' meanings, let me give you some tips on how I image to use these songs as a playlist for sex.

"...Ready for It?": The album starts with this fun piece. It's like a stadium pop song full of strong sentences.
Suggested for switching positions and starting doggy. You can use the bass as a guide for deep penetrations.

"End Game": The rhythm is just flowing and flowing. Nice song.
Suggested for striptease.

"I Did Something Bad": Another side of Taylor's thoughts, revealing some dark dimensions now.
While listening to this, all I could associate to was cunnilingus. The different dynamics of the song are perfect for licking the labia, the clitoris, the lips, switching technique and speed all along.

"Don't Blame Me": This show hows good Taylor is in song writing. It's my favorite track from the whole album. Although she had used this trick earlier (for example, she was resembling a loving relationship to colors in Red), the love-drug connection is till strong and vivid.
Suggested for deep, slow, powerful fucking, and hard anal, for sure.

"Delicate": Nice club track, even though I doubt many people will remember it even next year.
This song sets such an intimate atmosphere it makes itself perfect for fooling around, sitting in the boy's lap, kissing and just petting lightly.

"Look What You Made Me Do": There are so many interpretations of this lyrics, it makes it hard to process. It's even harder to understand it without the video, with the hints and other visual orgy.
Having a nice loop and a straight rhythm, I suggest it for positions where hard, fast thrusts can be achieved, like doggy with some spanking.

"So Good...": Another intimate, relaxing setting. Nice work.
If you want to give a nice, sensual deepthroat as a gift to your boyfriend, this is your song for it. You can even slow down or change the depth as the melody goes. 

"Gorgeous": Taylor using the one-note technique, again, at the first line of every verse. The lyrics is youthful, a little bit frivolous.
Suggested for face sitting (see what I did here? Playing around with the "face"...). Use the different parts of the song to shove different parts of your groin to your boyfriend's face. The chorus is perfect for returning the favor with jerking his cock a little bit. But stop at the end of the chorus and go on dominating his face all through the song. Move your hips to the rhythm.

"Getaway Car": Taylor likes to use cars in her lyrics, this is another example. Also, escaping appears, just like in "Call It What You Want" or in "Gorgeous".
Suggested for missionary, alternating where you put your lover's leg. Also, for cowgirl, with heavy groping, kissing, folding.

"King of My Heart": A little bit melancholic song, doesn't have so much hope as the other songs on the album.
Suggested for thorough butt licking, rimming, including tongue fucking. Just do it.

"Dancing with Our Hands Tied": This sounds psychedelic to me. A progressive pop song.
Having a fast rhythm yet deep bass, I suggest this song for BDSM foreplay, like spanking, flogging or face slapping with a nice hard cock.

"Dress": A really feminine song, with light weighted vocals.Another example of how far Taylor got from her country roots into electric music.
Suggested for cowgirl (wow! many cowgirl riding to this album!), doing it slowly, looking into each other's eyes.

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things": Light piano music and loud chorus, fast drums. Not bad.
This song is perfect for fingering in a dark room. Try it!

"Call It What You Want": Again, song writing at its finest. Lots of tension and love. And that one-note melody technique in the pre-chorus, again.
I can really imagine a FFM threesome taking place to this music. Lots of sucking, licking, bodies touching each other.... Yummy!

"New Year's Day": The main ideas of this song is kind of simple, and unfortunately, the whole song itself stays on this level. A nice ballad, that's all.
I've already suggested songs for anal from this album, and this can be another one. When you're just starting it, relaxing your asshole, accepting a nice thick cock, closing your eyes, listening the melody and easing your mind about the lyrics... Perfect!

So... These are my ideas on how to use Reputation as a sex playlist. Any other ideas?